The 5 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for iPhone

screen mirroring apps

Screen mirroring apps are designed for the purpose of letting users share anything playing on their smartphones to TV. They are a good solution to go for if you want to watch something on your TV with your friends or family.

Screen mirroring also known as screen-casting, allows you to cast your mobile device on your TV or a bigger screen. It is a useful technique to play any type of content, photos, videos, movies and music on your TV.

Screen mirroring is a built-in iOS feature, however, it only works with Apple TV devices via Airplay. Fortunately, now its possible to mirror your screen to TV with almost any streaming device. This is done by downloading a screen mirroring app on your smartphone.

Best Screen Mirroring Apps for iPhone

There are plenty of options for screen mirroring apps on the App Store. To help you choose, here is a list of the 5 best screen mirroring apps for iPhone.

1. Streamer for Chromecast

streamer-for-chromecastStreamer for Chromecast is the best screen mirroring app out there for Chromecast devices. It has loads of amazing features for screen mirroring, casting and streaming all types of media including audio, video and music, as well as, apps and games from iPhone or iPad to the TV. Its screen mirroring feature includes two modes.

Standard mode is a basic mode which mirrors your device in SD quality. Advanced mode, which is available in the PRO version allows you to mirror your screen to the TV in HD quality without delays. The PRO version also unlocks more features including sound, bit rate, faster streaming and removes ads.

You can get Streamer for Chromecast for FREE on the app store. Its PRO version can be purchase for a monthly fee of $4.99 or a one-time purchase of $17.99. The upgraded version is definitely worth it for access to premium screen mirroring features.



2. Screen Mirror for Chromecast


Another app that offers screen mirroring for Chromecast devices is Screen Mirror for Chromecast. This app allows you to wirelessly share your iOS device screen to your Chromecast connected TV over Wi-Fi.

The app also includes two screen mirroring modes. Standard mode is available in the free version while Advanced mode can be unlocked by upgrading to the PRO version.

The PRO version can be bought for just $1.99 per month or for a one-time fee of $9.99 making it a fantastic, cost-effective screen mirroring solution.



3. Mirror for Roku

roku mirror appFor Roku device owners, screen mirroring is a piece of cake, all thanks to the Mirror for Roku app for iOS devices. This app connects to your Roku supported or connected TV and allows you to mirror your iPhone or iPad to the TV.

The app comes in two versions. The free version has limited support for mirroring and comes with ads. However, the PRO version unlocks unlimited mirroring and removes all adware and other intrusions.

Its great for mirroring your apps and games on your Roku TV or stream online videos and watch them together with your family and friends. The app also offers in-built priority customer support so you can get your issues resolved quickly.

Mirror for Roku is undoubtedly a great option to go for when it comes to screen mirroring apps. It nicely compliments your Roku TV or Roku device. You can download it for free or upgrade to the PRO version for only $2.99 per month or for a lifetime purchase of $8.99.



4. PlayerXtreme Media Player


PlayerXtreme is a media player capable of playing audio, video and music in almost any file format without conversion. It supports a whopping 40+ file formats! Its one of the most famous media players with over 30 million downloads and a rating of 4.7 on the App Store.

But that’s not all. PlayerXtreme can also be used to mirror your videos and movies to TV via Chromecast or Airplay. Both these features are available in the PRO version of the app that can be purchased for $6.99 from the App Store.

To use these features, play any video or movie in PlayerXtreme. Then select Chromecast or Airplay from the menu. Make sure both devices are on the same network. After a while the media will start playing on your TV screen.

If you don’t need the additional features however, the free version is also available to download on both iOS and Android devices.

If you are looking for a video player that also happens to support casting and mirroring videos to the TV, PlayerXtreme is the best app to go for.



5. Google Home

Google Home is a companion app for Chromecast devices and a must-have for any Chromecast device owner. It allows you to cast your photos, videos and music to your Smart TV as well as control your Chromecast and other devices with the touch of a button. For this reason alone, it definitely deserves a mention in our list of the best screen mirroring apps for iPhone.

You can also use Google Home to change the name of your Chromecast device, change the network and much more. The app saves a lot of time and effort and can get anything done with the touch of a button.

Another greet feature of Google Home is that it can easily setup your Chromecast device. If you recently changed homes or got a new Wi-Fi connection, you can use Google Home to reconnect your Chromecast devices quickly. Google Home is available for free on both Android and iOS.



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