Screen Mirror 

Mirror your iPhone & iPad screen on your smart TV with state of the art technology that provides the best screen casting experience imaginable. Mirror virtually anything from videos, to apps, games, presentations and more, with perfect performance every time. Screen Mirror makes your content come to life on the big screen!

Cast Your Screen 

Screen Mirroring lets you cast your iPhone & iPad screen on your smart TV. You can mirror apps, games, videos, movies, presentations or anything else you like. Make everything look bigger and better with Screen Mirror.

Stream Apps & Games

Cast your apps and games from your iPhone and iPad to your TV and enjoy a fun filled experience. You can cast any app or game to TV for long periods without any restrictions or limits. 

Full HD Quality

Screen Mirror provides the best casting experience imaginable with support for HD 1080p video casting. Enjoy streaming your content with full resolution and quality, which makes everything you mirror to your TV screens, more fun and entertaining.


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