Streamer for LG

Stream your photos, videos and music from iPhone and iPad to your LG TV and enjoy the show on the big screen. Streamer for LG brings fun and entertainment straight to your TV screens. Download today and start casting your videos to TV.

Stream to TV

With Streamer for LG you can cast your photos, videos and music to your LG TV and other LG devices. Enjoy a perfect HD experience when casting your files and have fun sharing and watching content on your TV.

Accelerated Casting

Leading technology lets you cast to TV seamlessly without any delays. Watch your movies in full HD resolution and no hitches or spikes. Streamer for LG takes your media to a whole new level with a fast and reliable performance every time.

Cast to Big Screens

Big screen casting is now simpler than ever. Use Streamer for LG to connect and share content from your iPhone and iPad to big screens and turn your living rooms into a mini-theatre.